Sligo Sings – the concert

Yesterday saw the big day and night for Sligo Sings. If you are a regular reader you’ll know that I sort of accidentally joined the Sligo Volunteer Choir, who were one of the 6 choirs formed especially by the Hawk’s Well Theatre for Sligo Sings.

Singing and Sunsets

As the title suggests the singing rehearsals for ‘Sligo Sings’ continue and my struggle to hit the high notes is a ongoing battle. In a flash of inspiration yesterday I thought perhaps if I wore my magic knickers it might somehow help. Unfortunately they aren’t that magic!!

Sligo still sings

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Sligo Sings, an idea by the Hawk’s Well Theatre to get Sligo singing. I’ve joined the Sligo Volunteer Centre choir…and I’ve already mentioned that I can’t sing but I do try. I’ve since found out I also can’t breathe and ‘sing’ at the same time!! 

Sligo Sings

Today I joined a choir. Singing in public has been on the bucket list for a while now. In my dreams I can see myself up on stage with the Fun Company! There’s a slight problem though – I can’t sing! Anyway a while ago I saw the Hawk’s Well Theatre were setting up choirs […]