Sligo Sings – the concert

Yesterday saw the big day and night for Sligo Sings. If you are a regular reader you'll know that I sort of accidentally joined the Sligo Volunteer Choir, who were one of the 6 choirs formed especially by the Hawk's Well Theatre for Sligo Sings. I'm not a singer by any means but it is... Continue Reading →

Singing and Sunsets

As the title suggests the singing rehearsals for 'Sligo Sings' continue and my struggle to hit the high notes is a ongoing battle. In a flash of inspiration yesterday I thought perhaps if I wore my magic knickers it might somehow help. Unfortunately they aren't that magic!! So the hilarity of my friend Heidi I... Continue Reading →

Sligo still sings

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Sligo Sings, an idea by the Hawk's Well Theatre to get Sligo singing. I've joined the Sligo Volunteer Centre choir...and I've already mentioned that I can't sing but I do try. I've since found out I also can't breathe and 'sing' at the same time!!  So I'm... Continue Reading →

Sligo Sings

Today I joined a choir. Singing in public has been on the bucket list for a while now. In my dreams I can see myself up on stage with the Fun Company! There's a slight problem though - I can't sing! Anyway a while ago I saw the Hawk's Well Theatre were setting up choirs... Continue Reading →

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