Freezing and Fund It!


I’ve had trouble sleeping recently so I was awake for a few hours during the night. This was the view out of my window at 5am. I finally got to sleep for about an hour until it was time to get up, luckily tiredness hasn’t hit me yet.


I walked Rocket-dog at around 7am and this was Coolaney village. I’ve no idea what happened to Spring…if someone finds it can you send it back again!

Sheep and snow

I miss our old house because we are kind of in a dip here and it’s hard to see the sunrise, I tried but I failed and I don’t really like walking along the road in the snow and ice. I either go slipping or I’m frightened some of the daft drivers will run me over.

Snowy daffodils

Anyway after walking the dog it was time to head to town. By the time I got to Ballisodare the only snow to be seen was on the mountains.

The Hawk's Well

I went to an information day about Fund It campaigns at the Hawk’s Well Theatre. I have a fairly big project coming up and I was wondering if Fund It would be the way to go mainly due to the fact that I’m broke (nothing new there) and I didn’t marry a millionaire – or even a thousandaire. Fund It is all about people helping others to fund various creative projects in return they get rewards. It really is a great idea but it does seem to be quite a lot of work as well.

Fund It

It was an interesting discussion and there are a couple more workshops coming up in Dublin and Cork, they are free and well worth going along to. I really have to get out of the mindset that I’m begging before I think about trying a crowdfunding campaign. It was great to listen to Aminah and mister ebby, both had successful campaigns and were very generous telling us all about their experience. I’ll think some more about it before I make a firm decision. Do any of you have any thoughts on it? Good, bad or indifferent?

inion veigh

After that I popped in to Inion Veigh, a new gallery and craft shop that has opened in John Street, Sligo. They have some brilliant items and I love the fact that various arts and crafts are displayed there. The ladies were so helpful as I have a few ideas that I’d like to try, so do pop in and say hello to them.

WB Yeats

Just before we went home Lucy had a consultation with David McConville Orthodontics – she’ll tell you all about it on her blog.

So that was my day. It’s snowing again as I type so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

10 thoughts on “Freezing and Fund It!

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  1. Yes, crowdfunding works for me. It’s the only way I can raise cash for what I do. I have a book release and tour in NW USA later this month.

    The book, ‘Bathing In The Fae’s Breath’ based on relaxation in the forests, was funded through SponsorMe crowdfunding and the tour to promote it there, with a harpist musician accompanying me, was crowfunded through Indiegogo.

    So I have already sold loads of books and concert tickets before they happen.

    I may have to use FundIt or another to fund an Irish and UK tour too. The good thing about crowdfunding is its a great way for people to pay and commit in advance. If you get a loan people do not seem to be so eager to buy or turn up at events and it becomes a mess.

    See how someone like U2 can advertise a concert and all tickets are sold a year in advance. That’s also crowdfunding. They get the money in first, then put on the action. With FundIt etc., it allows us unknowns to do a U2 etc. 🙂

    Unfortunately, once it’s all done there’s still no money left over for the next project, well not with me, so it’s off to do the crowdfunding yet again for the next project 🙂

  2. I don’t think crowdfunding is begging, it’s a new way of getting investors to a project without involving the bank. People who give money for these projects feel more involved because they get a “reward”. Also, if the project just isn’t good or interesting enough, it won’t get funded. I have to say, I really like this way of raising money.

  3. The “Snow on the Daffodils” shot is brilliant, looks like something you would see on a National TV Weather Programme.

    Hopefully that’s where it will be seen, well done.

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