A Spiritual Journey!

Irish Rail train

Today I took the train from Sligo to Boyle. I’m researching my new project which will involve different forms of transport. More about that in the coming weeks. There were a group of nuns on the train, I didn’t think anything of it until they started reciting the rosary! I mean I know they are nuns but I was a bit surprised. In between their prayers they started singing! At this point I thought I was in a re-make of the Sound of Music…either that or I thought the migraine tablets I had taken had some kind of hallucinogenic effect on me. I was just waiting for Julie Andrews or the Von Trapps to appear.

So that was my spiritual journey. Thanks Majella for the blog title 😉

Waldorf Salad

I had a nice look around Boyle. There are some great charity shops there. I noticed a new coffee shop (or one I hadn’t seen before) so I decided to have lunch there. It was a fabulous Waldorf Salad (no sign of Basil Fawlty though), the service was great and the staff were really friendly so I’ll call back again. It’s called Open Table – so be sure to check it out.

So that was my day. It’s been a bit of a strange week…I’m wondering what will happen next! I’m also wondering where the nuns were going!

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  1. I like to travel by train when I can. You seem to be becoming resident in Boyle 🙂 Regarding the nuns, maybe something in the trolley coffee today. One of the trolley crew staff always sounds as if he is saying mass when he is selling his wares.

  2. Laughing out loud while reading this post, Val. Not at the nuns themselves, I don’t mean, but the way you’ve written it resulted in a case of the giggles. I also smiled at the Basil Fawlty/Waldorf salad reference at the cafe. I can hear the American guy shouting, ‘I’ll bust your ass,’ and I can hear Manuel’s ever-adorable, ‘Que?’

    Which cafe was it? The Ardcarne one? I’ve not been to Boyle in over a year now. Ever been to the coffee shop on the grounds of King House?

    I too am a big fan of train journeys. Yes…very relaxing when you’re not having to do the driving. Lately though, I’ve been taking the bus to Dublin instead of the train. Only a bit longer, and quite a bit easier on the wallet, fare-wise.

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