Yeats Day 2013

DSCF0194Today was Yeats Day. It was a celebration of what would have been the birthday of W.B. Yeats. So there were all kinds of festivities and events taking place.

DSCF0141I spent most of the day running from one place to another and still missed most of it!

DSCF0122DSCF0254WB Yeats and Maud Gonne were enjoying the party. The rest of my photos of the day are here.

I especially enjoyed the poetry of WB Yeats set to music in Chapters Cafe.


2 thoughts on “Yeats Day 2013

  1. june says:

    Really, really, really wish I could’ve been there in Sligo today for all the fun and fesivities and Yeats-y happenings. Especially at Chapters Cafe. Been so hectic and crazy busy this past week, that I’ve had no ‘me’ time.

    Looks like it was great craic all over Sligo, though. Glad you got to enjoy it…or, at least, some of it as you were running and dashing from one event to the other. Maybe next year, I’ll be able to go and enjoy.

    Happy birthday, Mr. Yeats!

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