HazelwoodS is for Sligo. Sligo is a beautiful county on the North West coast that I am privileged to live in.

4721795934_5cc122d795_bSligo really has the best of everything. From mountains to forests. Beaches to lakes…and everything in between.

8557111759_20ef8c993c_bI never tire of the beautiful scenery. The only thing that would make Sligo better is if the weather was better but you can’t have everything šŸ˜‰


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  1. Beautiful pic of the horseshoe, can you tell me the history of the lovely stone building?, just curious

    1. Thanks Gerry. The building was an old schoolhouse. It’s a shame it’s been left it would have been great to make a visitors centre or something out of it.

  2. I agree completely, Val. I love living here in Sligo, too. Sligo has adopted me as one of her own and I am completely in love with and feel priviledged and honoured to call this beautiful county my home. It truly lives up to its slogan, and Yeats’ beautiful and very appropriate words: ‘the land of heart’s desire.’ Thanks, as always, for the stunning photos.

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