a-to-z-letters-cTough to think of what C to go with today. I was at art class this morning so class was almost the C but there wasn’t a photo to go with it. I also found out I won a competition for flights from Ireland West Trad and although there was a photo I won with it wasn’t one taken today. Part of the challenge for me is to take a photo to go along with the challenge…don’t ask me what happens when I get to X or Z!!

Classiebawn CastleSo the C is for Castle. This is Classiebawn Castle in Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo. A really beautiful looking building. I would have liked to go down on the rocks to get a better photo but last time I did that I fell flat on my backside!! So you’ll just have to make do with this photo.

Raghly HarbourCalfI had a walk around Raghly Harbour after my visit to the castle (not in the C mode, although the calf would pass, but I wanted to share these photos with you anyway).

The Road Less TravelledBlue DSCF6461It was an absolutely beautiful day here in Sligo today and I even had a picnic 🙂 Let’s hope the nice weather stays for a while.

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  1. Sligo isn’t a county where I’ve spent a lot of time when in Ireland, for me C is for Clare 🙂 because I have Clare ancestry.

    I adore that photo of the boat -the colour contrast is fabulous and I have a fetish for boats in harbours…and a sunny day in Ireland as well 😉

    Also love that little calf.

    Pauleen @
    A to Z 2013

    1. Thanks Pauleen. My grandparents are from Clare and I had a great brief visit there earlier in the year. I aim to go back again soon. We’ve had a few sunny days this week….a miracle.

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