a-to-z-letters-bToday is the letter B in the blogging from A to Z Challenge.

BoatsI’ve picked boats for my ‘B’ although with it being such a beautiful day I almost picked blue sky. The photo’s today were taken in Sligo town, Ireland. The boats are lined up on the Garavogue River. I’m biased because I live here but I really think Sligo is a beautiful place.

Boats and blue skiesI always seem to be drawn to boats, I’ve no idea why because I have no sea legs at all!

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  1. I might have gone with blue water because that is as blue as I can ever remember seeing river water. Our river water in the USA is not normally that blue.

  2. I love it! Most of my posts for this A to Z Challenge will be on things – stuff, materials, objects. I thought I’d be the only one.

  3. The boats, the boats! You might be surprised Magnumlady …I used to wonder why I loved them too until I learned of my mariner ancestors (from Leith, Scotland) and the fisherman from Wexford. Perhaps you too have them tucked away in your tree.

    Pauleen @
    A to Z 2013

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