a-to-z-letters-dStill on the blogging from A to Z challenge. Today is D. My D is Deerpark which is in Calry, Co. Sligo. It’s a lovely walk with a stunning view all over Lough Gill. It also features the ‘Giants Grave’ Court Tomb.

DSCF6499 DSCF6498 DSCF6496 Giants GraveIt was a lovely walk and the weather stayed dry although it was quite cold. It’s a short blog today because my internet isn’t working properly.



26 thoughts on “Deerpark

  1. Jody Greenlee (McNevin) says:

    Thank you for this lovely blog. I follow it every day. My sister and I are visiting Sligo this June to do some family ancestry work, (our great-great grandfather lived there) and your blog is a wonderful way to get aquainted with where we are going!

  2. Karen Michelle Nutt says:

    I loved Sligo! Ireland is such a beautiful country and so full of history. I really enjoyed my holiday there and hope to go back one day. (I plan on posting a few places I visited in Ireland for “I is for Ireland”. lol

  3. Marie says:

    Have you heard of the deer park in Nara, Japan? You feed the deer and they bow back to you! I will be posting about that in Day N of the A to Z Challenge…I’m doing it about my travels. I’ve never been to Ireland, though–looks lovely!!

  4. jwrichardson says:

    Your shots–and your corner of the world–are gorgeous!

    So tell me, when you walk beneath those lodged rocks, do you hunch a bit? I suspect I would.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty. I appreciate it.

    E: Edging Toward Home

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