Behind the scenes at the Hawk’s Well Theatre

HawkswellI was delighted to be invited along to the Hawk’s Well Theatre last night to see The Wheelchair on My Face and have a nosey around the place….which as I’m a very nosey person suited me down to the ground 🙂

I didn’t take photo’s of the show. It was very funny though and also moving in places. Part memoir, part theatre, part stand-up comedy, The Wheelchair on My Face relates the hilarious and poignant story of Sonya Kelly’s myopic childhood. Her extreme short-sightedness remained undetected for years, which made for a somewhat bewildering childhood, the details of which are related by Kelly in side-splittingly funny detail.
“I got my first pair of glasses when I was seven,” Kelly informs her audience. “A nurse came to the school and tested everyone’s eyes. And so it was discovered why I’d thrown bread to the floating crisp packets in our local pond and walked into lampposts and said, ‘Excuse me’. Until that day the world was a swirl of moving coloured blobs. I thought it was the same for everyone. How wrong I was.”

If you do get a chance to see it I would highly recommend it. I loved the fact she talked to Abba ‘who lived in her wardrobe!’

The green roomSo on to the tour, I wasn’t alone there were some other people who I follow on twitter there and I’d met a few of them before. I got to meet Deirdre from the theatre who I have had several conversations on twitter with and I felt I already knew her so it’s great to put faces to names. The photo above is the green room, which is a lovely cosy room with comfy couches and a mini kitchen plus a tv that shows the stage so the artists know when they have to move.

Stage DSCF6144It was great being on the stage (the first and last time I’ve been on that stage 😉 ). The theatre seats 340 people, I found this surprising as it doesn’t look that big. It’s a lovely intimate theatre though and the sound is great in it. We’ve been to see several musical acts there and have always been impressed with the acoustics.

FoyerThe foyer is lovely and bright and there’s a well stocked bar. There are several exhibitions which take place in the foyer throughout the year. At the moment ‘In The Minds Eye’ by Wayne O’Connor is on display. I really enjoyed looking at his work, he’s very talented.

Colourful corridorFrancis in the corridorWe got to meet Francis who told us all about the technical side of the theatre. I really had no idea about the amount of hard work that went in to the shows. What with the sets, lighting and sound. We also got to meet Marie the director of the theatre, she has made a huge difference to the place and there have been some great shows there and many more to come.

OfficeWe got to look in the office as well. Loads of cables and all kinds of gadgets around the place. We also got to see one of the dressing rooms….I did chuckle at the filing cabinet in front of the shower, I was assured that there are other showers so that’s OK.

BackstageThanks so much for Deirdre and all at the Hawk’s Well Theatre for inviting me along and for being so helpful and informative. I had a great evening.


5 thoughts on “Behind the scenes at the Hawk’s Well Theatre

  1. Jazzygal says:

    Great review, really gives a flavour of the theatre, the show and all the work that goes into making the magic happen. Gosh, wish I could get ‘invited’ to things like this, would really be right up my street!

    xx Jazzy

  2. june says:

    I agree with you, Jazzygal – this is such a great review of the Hawk’s Well, Val. I savoured every word (and photo) of it. I loved going to it last month to see ‘Fiddler On the Roof’ – I’ve always loved the vibe and the energy of the theatre ‘experience,’ rather than the cinema. Much, much more. Going to a play or a musical at a theatre makes it feel like a truly special night out, a special treat.

    I’ve heard and read really excellent reviews of ‘The Wheelchair on my Face,’ and have made a mental note to get tickets for it (I’ve also tried winning them, but so far, no luck…yet) but I think I do need to get a move on and get a pair before the show closes (if it hasn’t already by today).

    How cool that you were invited to see what goes on behind the stage. I too would’ve loved that. A friend of ours, Maeve Walsh, was on the board of directors for many years – sadly, she passed away a few months ago. In the playbill that we got for ‘Fiddler,’ there was a lovely tribute to her inside its pages. She loved being a part of the Hawk’s Well, and was always so enthusiastic and passionate about it whenever we met her and spoke to her about it, or the theatre in general. She was such a lovely woman, and she is so missed by so many – including, I’m sure, the people who worked with her at the Hawk’s Well over the years.

    Thanks so much for this, Val. I really, really enjoyed reading it – several times, in fact.

    • magnumlady says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your friend June, it was lovely about the tribute to her in the playbill.

      The evening was great, very interesting. The show was only on for one night and there were a lot of empty seats which really was a shame as it was very funny.

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