Forgotten Melodies


I was exploring during the week and came across this cottage with no doors, no windows and half the roof missing. Curiosity got the better of me so I had a look inside.

SilenceI found this beauty sitting all alone. It’s sad really to think of the tunes it must have played and the people who would have listened to it.

Now the keys are left untouched, unloved and unwanted.


17 thoughts on “Forgotten Melodies

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  1. Such a beautiful hamonium that must’ve been in its younger life. This is a beautiful but sad, melancholy post accompanied by melancholic but beautiful photos of a time and place left on its own, unloved. I’d love to live in a place like this. In fact, there’s an old abandoned house in similar condition round our way, and my hubby and I have gone into it and remarked to one another that all it needs is love and some TLC put into it, and the original energy that surely must’ve been there will return.

    Thanks for this, Val. I’m very moved by it. Old abandoned houses and ruins, as well as untended old cemeteries (there’s one in Ballyara that I’ve been to) have that effect on me. We all need love…old abandoned cottages do, too.

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