Well I never!

Hawks RockThis morning Rocket-dog and I were up bright and early and I decided we’d go off exploring. There is a well nearby and I’ve never been up to it. As always seems to be the case with me I decided we should take the ‘scenic’ route through a field near the Hawk’s Rock above.

Mountain climblingThat wasn’t the best idea I’d ever had, the field was more like a swamp and we ended up knee-deep in cow shite!

Muck!I squelched all the way home!

IMG_9121 IMG_9138We had to climb a few stone walls, duck under barbed wire. Of course I got caught and went flying…ended up with heather and ferns stuck in my hair…it all adds to the fun! The dog just looked at me with despair.

Tullaghan WellThat little dot on top of the photo above is the well but this is the closest we got. I was expecting some kind of pathway! It was very overgrown with brambles and ferns, I had to carry Rocket-dog because he refused to walk the rest of the way! We did meet a farmer on the way back down and he said this is indeed the well and I should try it again another day but he doesn’t think anyone has been up there in years (I’m not surprised!) So I’ll chance it again minus the dog and not taking the scenic route. If you want to read more about the Tullaghan Hill Holy Well you can do so here.

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