This old house

Old HouseWe were out test driving Gilbert (the car) yesterday….long story, don’t ask!..but if you have a spare car can you donate it to me please? 😉 Anyway we found this old house, I done what I always vow not to do and left the house without a camera or a phone so I had to borrow Andy’s mobile phone, pics aren’t as good as I’d like but not bad considering.

Come on inAnyway I’m rambling now! I love the look of this old place, imagine if walls could talk, I’d love to know its history.

Post officeThere was an old post box outside, I wouldn’t think it’s in use anymore. This dates back to King Edward so it shows how old the place is.

Room with a treeThis place even has trees growing inside it! It’s being re-claimed by nature.

The green doorI love old houses. This one seems to have real character about it.

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  1. I thought I recognised this house for a minute, but then I realised that there are so many derelict houses in the west that it would be impossible to tell! It’s so sad to see these once magnificent homes falling into ruin. If I had the money, I’d make it my mission to buy up loads of these houses and restore them!

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