Killargue Holy Well, Leitrim

I visited Tobar Mhuire (Mary's Well) in Killargue/Killarga a couple of years ago (thanks to Lyn for telling me about it). I never wrote about it at the time but I put a video up on my Facebook page and recently I'm getting inundated with people asking me where it is, so I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

I should have done this post yesterday so a belated Happy New Year to you all. This is the first Christmas where I haven't got 'cabin fever' from not going out and I've actually enjoyed lazing around the house. Mind you I do have a project on the go that has kept me busy (more... Continue Reading →

Holy Horse

Today's letter is H...I feel like I'm on Sesame Street! 😉 H is for horse. I love horses, I think they are beautiful animals, this one lives up the lane and comes over to say hello twice a day when I walk the dog. The Holy part is for The Holy Well. It's a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Well I never!

This morning Rocket-dog and I were up bright and early and I decided we'd go off exploring. There is a well nearby and I've never been up to it. As always seems to be the case with me I decided we should take the 'scenic' route through a field near the Hawk's Rock above. That... Continue Reading →

Lovely Sligo

One of the things I love about Sligo is how interesting and diverse the place is. Take yesterday for instance. In the morning we went to the Farmers market and into Connacht Gold to check out the new coffee shop which is run by Drumcliffe Tea Rooms and is fab. A great addition to the... Continue Reading →

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