IMG_8985Last week we had to go up to Dublin for Lucy and I to have blood tests in St. James’s Hospital. Our blood takes a while to clot so we tend to bruise easily and have nose bleeds and the hospital wanted to do tests to find out what was going on. It was an in-depth test so we had to go up the night before.

Aisling HotelWe stayed in the Ashling Hotel which was quite nice…the breakfast was fab! It was handy for the hospital, there was a big fight going on when we arrived though just outside our window. Luckily the hotel moved them on.

BreakfastWe got to the hospital at 9.30 when we were told too and got told off! The nurse said as we’d stayed in Dublin we should have got there earlier. There’s always one isn’t there!? We had our tests done and were sent away until the afternoon.

IMG_9023We got the LUAS into the city centre and had a look around the shops……although if you know me you’ll know I hate shopping!

IMG_9007 IMG_9008 IMG_9021I liked seeing the giant eggs around the place for the Big Egg Hunt. I also love how busy Dublin always is. There is always something interesting to see.

Real life statuesWe had to head back to the hospital to talk to the doctor. There was a protest going on there but it was a peaceful one.

ProtestThe doctor said a blood test Lucy had done some time ago had shown up that she had low blood factor 13. Apparently this is very rare, he wanted to check this out so he tested her again and also me to see if the same problem is there. We won’t be back again for 6 months though so that’s not too bad.

The bird and the spire

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  1. How are you and Lucy feeling now, Val? I’m sending positive and healing energy your way (and Lucy’s way, too) that the results will all come back fine for both of you.

    I agree with Fluffy Tufts (love that!) – your photos of Dublin are brilliant.

      1. They’re only phone ones??! Good golly, miss Molly – my phone photos are absolute rubbish, comparatively. And even when I’m using a proper camera, they still don’t look as good as these do, believe me!

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