Flagging Friday

It's been a week of getting back into the old routine again, apart from New Year's Day. I've found it really difficult to be honest. I've loved being at home, chilling, reading, walking the dogs and needle felting. More about the needle felting in another post. I was beginning to wonder why I was finding... Continue Reading →


Last week we had to go up to Dublin for Lucy and I to have blood tests in St. James's Hospital. Our blood takes a while to clot so we tend to bruise easily and have nose bleeds and the hospital wanted to do tests to find out what was going on. It was an... Continue Reading →

Seeing Red

Firstly thanks for all the Happy Birthday Blog comments 🙂 I took Andy for his first appointment at the warfarin clinic in the hospital yesterday. He has to go once a week to have his blood checked. His poor arms are covered in bruises. I waited in the waiting room for him and had the... Continue Reading →

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