Sunshine and snowflakes

SnowflakesToday was a good day for photos. We had ice, snowflakes and sunshine…the best of everything. The snowflakes above were frozen on to my car windows.

Coolaney river walkI took Rocket-dog down to the village for a walk. He got bored with me taking photos though and was pulling at his lead so the next two pics aren’t as steady as they should be.

RobinIciclesFrosty leavesCoolaney village

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  1. Beautiful photos! I especially like the one with the up-close ice crystals on the leaves and on the window. The one with ice on the leaves has so much character and texture. I felt like I could experience it’s duality – the delicate leaves and the jagged ice crystals. Our world has much beauty on a small scale. Only a person willing to slow down will see such enchantment right in front of our faces. Would you mind if I re-posted your photo of the leaves? Obviously with a link back to your site. I am doing a couple blogs on learning to slow down and experience life. That photo would be a great example. Let me know!

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