The Blog Awards

Just a quick blog….because I’m shattered. The bloody SatNav took me half way around the country to get to Kildare yesterday. We went through 8 blooming counties to get there! Anyway I had a great time…..I didn’t win but I knew I wouldn’t, I meant some great people though, some that I knew from twitter, some that I’d never met before. A huge thanks to limmster, The Newfarmerette, selficiency and Looking for blue sky for making my night so enjoyable….we did have a few laughs 🙂

I really don’t like social events very much but it was great with these guys, although at one point everyone was so busy tweeting we may have well stayed at home and had a virtual blog fest 😉  A big well done to the organisers for a really good night. You can read all the winners here.


7 thoughts on “The Blog Awards

  1. The newfarmerette says:

    It was a great night Val and really great to meet you 🙂 we had a great table . I have started to organise our tweet up 🙂

  2. martinebrennan says:

    It was so lovely to be together. I blog away at my kitchen table. It is nice to know that there are so many of us. #BloggerPower

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