Coolaney Summer Festival, 2012

Well it was a really busy weekend for me. I was taking photos of the Coolaney Summer Festival. Luckily the weather wasn’t too bad…it could have been worse. Mind you it could have been better!

There were loads of activities for all the family. Including a road race, sketch walk, nature trail, Olympic sports day, Dog Agility display, market, duck race and cow dung lottery.

There were some lovely goodies for sale at the market (isn’t it amazing how so many of my blogs revolve around food!)

The duck race was good fun. Not with real ducks you’ll be glad to hear. I think my duck sank..or is still swimming.

There was a fun day in the park for all the family today. The kids there had a ball on the bouncy castles.

The cow dung lottery was hilarious. All the numbers were painted on the ground and whichever one the cow shites on was the winner. There was a problem though….the cow wouldn’t go. She probably didn’t like having an audience. So a ‘reserve cow’ was bought in….thankfully she (or he….I’m not well up on cows) did the business!

There was also music throughout the course of the weekend. It was nice to see the village so busy with everyone enjoying themselves. The rest of the photos are on the Coolaney Summer Festival Facebook page.

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  1. Oh Val, this post really made me miss home. Where else on earth would you find a cow-dung lottery. Hilarious !! The boys had a great laugh at that one and great shot too ! Looked like a fun weekend .

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