Knocknarea – July 2012

I decided to go back up Knocknarea following on from my disastrous climb up there in January.

It was a beautiful day on Friday and it really does make it a lovely climb. Of course I tend to stop every five minutes to take photos.

The first part of the walk is up a gravel path. Until you get to a gate and then it’s open farmland and fairly steep in places. I have to wonder about the people walking their dogs up there. It clearly says all dogs should be on leads because it’s a farm but I saw two people with big dogs just ignore this sign and let their dogs run free.

The views really are stunning, you can see right over Sligo. It’s even nicer if you go to Voya for a seaweed bath afterwards followed by Shells for lunch…but I didn’t get a chance on Friday…next time hopefully.

It’s nice to see someone has made a ‘Welcome’ out of stones. I hope they didn’t use Queen Maeves ones…I don’t think she’d be very happy.

I saw some people had climbed up on the cairn. I remember Michael Quirke telling me that it was bad luck to climb the cairn itself. It’s also really damaging for it. There used to be a sign telling people not to climb it but the sign isn’t there anymore. Michael told me to bring a stone to place on the cairn for good luck, so I did. Fingers crossed I might win the lotto 😉

7 thoughts on “Knocknarea – July 2012

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  1. Michael (Quirke) is absolutely right, Val, if you don’t bring a stone with you on your climb, Queen Maeve will haunt your dreams. I’ve climbed Knocknarea since I was a small child, and my father always told me that. I wouldn’t take the chance and not bring a stone…

  2. Hi Val, wow the view is fantastic from up there. I have been to the sea-weed baths twice there. they are just the best way to relax. Always love your pictures, they are a great Irish fix on the homesick days.

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