Knocknarea, Sligo

On Thursday I decided to climb Knocknarea mountain in Sligo. I’ve done it twice before and it’s more of a walk than a climb so I thought I’d go for it again.

It started out as a lovely day, the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold. It turned out not to be the best idea I ever had though. The minute I got to Queen Maeves cairn the heavens opened with not only rain but hailstones.

So the few photos I got, I took on the way up. The only company I had were sheep. It’s great because part of the walk is actually through open farmland and the sheep are just roaming around. The did look at me like I was mad and I can understand why.

Converse are not suitable shoes for this walk, which is on rock, stones and mud. With the rain I more or less slid back down the mountain. It took me about an hour and ten minutes to walk up and back. By the time I got back to the car I was completely soaked to the skin. I had to put a freezer bag on my car seat because I didn’t want to soak the car. I drove to Dunnes and luckily they had a sale on so I bought some new clothes and had to get changed. A lesson has been learned!

I will walk it again on a better day.

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  1. I have been up three times but never with a camera! Warriors run and camera not a good idea! I must walk up next time I am in Strandhill. I always carry a change of clothes and towel when I climb the reek so you need to get into that habit! Keep an eye out for the Lidl and Aldi walking gear. You can get great hiking boots and rainwear from them. The boots are waterproof, good grip and lightweight! Great photos by the way!

    ps Good job you did this before the horse riding!

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