Boot Camp…and cows!

Firstly it was nothing short of a miracle this morning in Sligo. It was actually sunny! It makes such a lovely change from all the rain we’ve had.

It only lasted for about an hour and went over cast again but at least it stayed dry for most of the day.

Today I decided to try something new. I heard about a boot camp taking place in Castle Dargan. I had visions of myself like ‘Private Benjamin’ minus the combat gear and camouflage. It wasn’t like that though (thankfully!)

We were put through our paces by Mark who is a personal trainer. He was really good and motivated us all well and told us to take it easy if we looked like we were struggling (which I really did at one point). So in an odd way I enjoyed it. Everyone was very friendly too which was great. If you want to have a go it runs in Castle Dargan on Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and Wednesdays at 10am. You can check out Mark’s website here.

On the way back from the hotel I spotted these lovely calves in the garden of a house…one way to keep the grass cut I guess. Actually I should try the same because I had to cut our grass this afternoon and it takes ages.

This evening I took Rocket-dog for his walk and we have some new neighbours across the road (cows). They were very friendly….hmm I wonder if I can borrow one for the garden 😉

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