Monday Motivation

Well enough is enough and it's time for a change. I've always struggled with my weight and at the moment I'm heavier than I want to be - I know this because the button on my favourite trousers flew off the other day - luckily I didn't blind anyone! So as much as I love... Continue Reading →

Avena Leisure Centre

When Jono had his check up in Dublin the consultant told him to try physiotherapy in a swimming pool to help his back pain. The only problem was he can only do about 15 minutes a week at the moment so joining a leisure centre would have been expensive and the sports centre would be... Continue Reading →

Sunday Reflections

A bit of a catch up blog I suppose. Due to the dark days and lack of inspiration the blog seems to be limping along of late. I did read a great post this morning with some blogging inspiration so hopefully that will help. I've had a lovely weekend of doing absolutely nothing, except a... Continue Reading →

Back to reality

Well yesterday Lucy went back to work so it was back to the old routine. I've really enjoyed the two weeks at home and it's been very difficult getting up early in the morning these last two days plus my sleep pattern has gone haywire and I'm not sleeping well at all. Hopefully I'll settle... Continue Reading →

Boot Camp…and cows!

Firstly it was nothing short of a miracle this morning in Sligo. It was actually sunny! It makes such a lovely change from all the rain we've had. It only lasted for about an hour and went over cast again but at least it stayed dry for most of the day. Today I decided to... Continue Reading →

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