What happened to Summer!?

Well I don’t know what happened to our Summer, but if anyone finds it can you send it back please? It’s been raining for well over 24 hours now. Lucy had to be in work experience today but the road we usually take to go into Sligo was impassable (it’s since been closed) so we had to turn around and take another road. I’ve decided to post some photos taken on 29th May instead….they are much more cheerful.

These photos were taken at Streedagh, which I’d been meaning to go to for a long time but never actually got there.

It’s a lovely beach, although I’ve decided I’m not really a beach person. There’s not really a whole lot to see other than sand and sea! I think I prefer forests although people could say there are only trees to see. I just find them more interesting.

After my very quick walk around Streedagh I ended up a Raghly again. Now this place I love (although it’s the sea). I love the boats though and it’s such a peaceful place. I could even see fish coming up to the surface of the water.

It always amazes me that flowers grow everywhere, even at the seaside.

On my travels I saw this little house. All abandoned. It’s such a shame it’s been left, I’d love to know the story behind it.

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