Our wedding

Yesterday was our 22nd wedding anniversary….where do the years go!? I personally think that I look like Hyacinth Bucket in this photo….or a demented hamster! We got married in Hemel Hempstead where I was living at the time. We got engaged 6 weeks after we met so some people were sceptical (including the vicar who tried to talk us out of the wedding).

Anyway the big day arrived 11 months after we first met. It was suggested we got married on Andy’s birthday (which in hindsight wasn’t a good thing) it would have been better to have two special days. My dad was taking the photos, so for anyones he was in he had to give the camera to someone else. Poor Andy was meant to be in charge of the wedding video (although no one told him!) So as soon as he turned up at the church my mum was getting him to turn on the video camera.

The first thing the vicar decided to do was to get everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Andy. Poor Andy was mortified! There were a whole load of people at the wedding, most of whom we didn’t really know. A few relatives from Ireland came over….when the came time for the reception they decided to follow a work colleague who was only coming to the church and ended up in Birmingham (the reception was in Berkhamsted)! Of course there were no mobile phones in those days so they just had to show a passer-by the invitation and follow directions. When they finally got to the reception one of the old fella’s completely missed the steps and fell flat on his face!

When the meal was over the DJ took to the stage and played our first dance. For some odd reason he picked ‘Please release me’ by Engelbert Humperdink.

Luckily we found it amusing and still laugh about it now. The rest of the reception went OK thankfully. Although I had a bit of a mishap in the hotel afterwards. We had a jacuzzi in our bathroom. I happened to sit too close to the pump and my backside got stuck in it! I had a huge bruise for weeks afterwards.

So it was quite an eventful day. If we had to get married again it would be a very small do….with no DJ and no jacuzzi!

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  1. Thats so funny and l laughed as much as when you told me about it last night .
    The memories are great to have and are so special and funny.
    lts also a beautiful photo of you both ,congrats again my friend x

  2. That is funny & bittersweet! All of us looking back can see how sweet & naive & innocent we all were! We followed our hearts! Happy Anniversary!

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