A Day in Dundrum

On Saturday Lucy and I went to Dublin to have a look at Dundrum Town Centre. Anyone who knows me will know I’m not a shopper so I was a bit apprehensive about the whole shopping bit but I wanted to go to have a look around.

I thought the shopping centre was brilliant. Really well laid out and visually impressive. There are shops, restaurants, an RTE 2FM radio studio and a cinema.

I really liked Urban Outfitters. What a cool shop with loads of gadgety bits as well as clothes. Hollister had recently opened but what I can’t understand is why they don’t put on lights in their shop….it’s almost pitch black in there. I don’t know how anyone can see what they are buying.

We had our lunch in Eddie Rockets which was lovely. Although I thought the root beer tasted like mouth wash!

Later in the day we had to check out Yo! Sushi. It was brilliant. All the food goes around on a conveyor belt and you choose what you want. There is a booklet explaining what each food is and the plates are colour coded so the prices vary depending on what coloured plate you choose. Just beware though there are water taps and glasses on the counter but they do charge for the water.

We had a great day, although there was quite a lot of walking involved which I enjoy but Lucy hates. The only thing was we really didn’t have enough time. The train takes 3 hours from Sligo to Dublin, then we had to walk to St. Stephens Green to get the Luas (tram) to Dundrum. So we only had about three hours before we had to leave for the train home again. We will go back again though.

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