Bank Holiday Tuesday

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We did :). My mum came over for dinner on Christmas day. We had turkey, chicken and ham plus all the trimmings.

Rocket-dog was very pleased with his pressies. He couldn’t understand why there were no more under the tree yesterday morning.

I ordered the kids some American goodies including Wonka Bars from Candyland, which is a great Irish website. They are well worth checking out. They were really quick on delivery as well.

Today I went into Sligo town with Lucy and my mum. I wish I didn’t bother to be honest. Not many shops were open (well I suppose it is a bank holiday) and the ‘sales’ were very good in the ones that were. I did get some new eyeshadow from Boots which was half price. I had to get some because Lucy discovered my old one was 30 years old and threw it out….it still had loads of use left in it!

Don’t forget today is the last day to enter the brilliant ‘Funky Goddess’ competition. Also keep a look out on the Funky Goddess website in the new year for the launch of two great new gift boxes: ‘My First Sleepover’ and ‘My Metime’, they sound brilliant.

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