Competition time!

It’s competition time on the blog. Thanks to I have this wonderful ‘Welcome to Womanhood’ gift box. It’s a fantastic idea and perfect for anyones daughters’ impending womanhood. It all comes in wrapped in pink tissue paper and in a beautiful box. I just wish there was something similar when I was young.

The elements to make this smooth transition are all coded :

  • Usual Suspects:Yes we have the pads  because she will definitely need them!
  • Secret Sanctuary:A customised pretty diary in which to record her dates and her innermost thoughts.
  • Tummy Chum: A funky hot water bottle to ease those aches and pains.
  • Secret Casket:An essential and discreet case to put in her bag.
  • Blinking Serenity: A soft eye mask to ensure her peaceful calming nap!
  • Bubbly spa:A gorgeous combination of scented bubble bath and shower gels.
  • Flaming Goddess: A beautiful scented candle to cope with the inevitable mood swings!
  • Wonderwipes: Specially formulated moist wipes to cleanse and revitalise.
  • Just in case: Discrete tissues for added security in case of emergencies!
  • Rites of Passage:A simple to read and understand information booklet with all the knowledge she needs to start on her journey into womanhood.

Funky goddess also does a ‘Welcome to Motherhood’ gift box. Perfect for any mum to be so they can pamper themselves.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning the ‘Welcome to Womanhood’ gift box is tell me any other ideas you would have for giftboxes. The winner will be picked at random and is only open to Ireland. The competition is open until December 27th, 2011 so you have plenty of time to enter it.

28 thoughts on “Competition time!

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  1. Would actually love this for my daughter..
    Another idea would maybe be sleepover gift box – some sweets, dvd, little slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap etc…

  2. A dads box of essentials for an extended trip to the labour ward – protein/energy bars, water, wipes, facecloth, toothbrush, body spray, razor, disposable camera, phone credit 🙂

  3. On flight kit… disinfectant wipes for the tray, sudoko book and pencil, ear plugs, roll up slippers, fizzy vitamin tablet to liven up the litres of water you’ll be drinking, travel toothbrush and mini toothpaste, heavy duty mini sachet of moisturiser.

  4. First day at Big school kit, photo of Mum/Dad Etc.. Little box to keep special teddy or toy in
    …wee note book so parent can do an I LOVE NOTE,

  5. “New dog” kit – contains food & water bowls, brush/comb, collar, lead, a book on caring for your dog (or grooming or training etc), a doggy toy, a small towel for drying them / their feet, some treats, chewy bone etc.

    You’d have to have a few variations – boy/girl & different sizes.

    (Guess who just got a new doggy…..)

  6. I would make a “travel gift box”…flight pillow, disinfectant, gossip magazines, snacks, things like that!

  7. My sister was due yesterday (still no stir!!) and i made her up a hamper of fluffy slippers, eye cream, dry shampoo, baby wipes, hand cream, evian face spritzer, tea tree oil, a stationary kit, Butler’s hot chocolate and hair clips!!

    Thought it was appropriate for a tired, forgetful and busy new mum! 🙂

  8. a girly make up party box, i made one like this for my 9yr old daughter for her birthday, she loved it & so did her friends, they did each other nails & make up. It was great, i got some peace for a few hours. ha ha

  9. Bridal gift box -Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

    Something old – An antique brooch
    Something new – Garter
    Something borrowed- perhaps a CD of a typical first dance choice which they can borrow for their own?
    Something blue – Blue nail varnish to paint toe nails.

  10. My ideal “Gift Box” would be a selection of all the toiletries I use throughout the year eg: face cream, deodorant, foundation, anti-wrinkle (well for me anyway!), tampons, hair spray, my fav mascara — to me that would be a fab pressie and I have often done this for my Mum, but sadly never had one done for me. My own daughter would love this prize, I love seeing her develop into a beautiful young woman(as I get older!)…..

  11. Great prize!!
    A few ideas i could suggest would be a nail file, an umbrella, magazines, sweeties, paracetomols, strepsils, slippers and who could live without ear muffs!!

  12. A Pampering and Relaxtion Box.

    Containing a CD of relaxation music.
    A box of scented candles
    A packet of incense sticks, ie. lavender, rose and frankincense
    A box of Cadbury Hot Chocolate.
    A spray bottle of lavender
    A hot water bottle.
    A little book of positive and uplifting thoughts for each day.
    A diary to write you thought in.
    A radox bath gel
    A coconut body moisturizer.
    A face mask.
    An Oil and henna treatment for the hair.
    Badger Yoga and Mediation Balm

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