Culture Night, Sligo

Last night was Culture Night all over Ireland. It was a night of free events in various locations. I got tickets to the Hawkswell Theatre and we went along for an evening of music. All genres of music was covered from traditional to jazz and everything in between.

I was delighted to see Anything Goes they are a great band and it looks like they are having so much fun on stage. Sinead Conway really has a fantastic voice, her version of Riverdance was amazing. In the middle of Riverdance the song went into ‘ Jump’ (the Kris Kross one) and Dave Flynn came out rapping in Irish….it shouldn’t have worked but it did and it was brilliant!

Another highlight for me was Tabby who took to the stage with his new band. There were a few minor problems at first, like the guitar lead was hiding and the mic wasn’t working but it got sorted, Tabby kicked off his boots and started rocking and he really does rock! He did some new songs which hopefully will be released soon and a great cover of a Led Zepplin song. His mum was in the audience and was up dancing all through his set.

Declan Foley and Junior Davey provided the traditional music for the evening. There was also music from The Katonahs (Lucy wondered where Kerry was 😉 ) and others. The Katonahs were good as well, the lead singer reminded me of a young Feargal Sharkey. Although it’s hard to get into a band if you don’t know the songs they are singing.

There were a few quite odd facial expressions going on from some of the artists and I must admit I did have a giggle, especially when one musician took to the stage and said he plays with himself (his guitar!) but he pulled some quite odd faces. One day I might grow up 😉

During the interval we went outside to meet Keiran Quinn from Anything Goes. As we were walking back in a couple started asking us for money,we just ignored them and they started swearing and saying they were going to kill us! It’s the first time I’ve felt threatened like that in Sligo and it was pretty scary. Anyway on the whole it was a great night. The rest of my photos are here.

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