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If you read my blog last week you will know I was debating whether to sign up as an extra for Sligeach Films, I wasn’t sure if they would need an ‘ould wan’ like me, anyway I braved it and signed up anyway. I just filled out a form and they took a photo of me (I did ask them to airbrush out the wrinkles though). I might not be called at all but they said they get a lot of 18-25 year olds but could do with a wider variety of ages. So if anyone is interested in signing up just get in touch with them.

I was out in the garden the other morning and the cat had caught a pygmy shrew, it’s like a tiny mouse with a long nose. Anyway I managed to get the cat to drop him and the shrew ran under the bin. The cat was waiting for him to come out again. I moved the bin and was trying to pick the pygmy shrew up when he ran away and fell down the drain 😦 I couldn’t get the drain cover off so the poor thing drowned, I felt so bad 😦

Yesterday I went to Hazelwood Forest in Sligo. The RTE weather photo competition is open, so I was hoping to take a photo I could enter. The weather wasn’t co-operating though and it was a fairly dull day so although I took some photos I don’t think I’ll enter any of them.

Last night I went to the cinema with my friend. We went to see One Day (my choice of film), I’d read the book so I was intrigued to see what the film was like. Honestly it was dire! Too lovey dovey anyway and they had cut so much out of it. It deals with a couple and visits them one day a year. Well one year just had about a minute of the female character swimming and then it went onto the next year. Oh well we went to McDonalds afterwards and had a laugh anway.

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