March 1st, 2013

I've been in Dublin for a couple of days so I'll blog about that later. It's been a wonderful few days, it's really felt like Spring. I picked up Rocket-dog today he was staying at Lough Bo Boarding Kennels and had a brilliant time!! We headed to Hazelwood forest for a walk. It was so... Continue Reading →

A bit of an all kinds of everything blog. Firstly I took Rocket-dog to Hazelwood today, hence the photos. It was a lovely day. I love the leaves changing colour. Rocket-dog seemed to enjoy himself, he's been asleep most of the afternoon but he did find time to start his own blog. Who knows they... Continue Reading →

A bit of everything

If you read my blog last week you will know I was debating whether to sign up as an extra for Sligeach Films, I wasn't sure if they would need an 'ould wan' like me, anyway I braved it and signed up anyway. I just filled out a form and they took a photo of... Continue Reading →

Sunshine and showers

Sunshine and showers, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. More showers than sunshine it has to be said. I don't know what happened to the Summer, June appears to have taken it with it 😦 So as it was so bad I didn't do anything much today.....apart from walking the dog and making cheese scones. So what... Continue Reading →

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