Can you help Luna?

I went to visit Luna yesterday. Luna is a beautiful dog in the care of Sligo Animal Rescue and being fostered by Ursula (a real life angel). Luna was found wandering the streets with no food or shelter. Sligo Animal Rescue took her in and she was being fostered until she found a forever home.... Continue Reading →

Alice in Wonderland for a day

Well today was interesting, I was told on twitter about some rabbits up at the Benbulben mountain walk so I went up to see what was going on.  When I got there I saw this little guy so I phoned Sligo Animal Rescue and they said they rescued two of them there yesterday but didn't... Continue Reading →

Animal Magic

I had a wonderful time the other evening on a visit to Farmer John and Farmer Lucy who run Farmyard in your Schoolyard. They provide a wonderful service where they bring the farm to you! The animals are all very tame and used to being handled and petted. If you are looking for a great... Continue Reading →

A bit of everything

If you read my blog last week you will know I was debating whether to sign up as an extra for Sligeach Films, I wasn't sure if they would need an 'ould wan' like me, anyway I braved it and signed up anyway. I just filled out a form and they took a photo of... Continue Reading →

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