St. George’s Heritage and Visitor Centre

St.George’s Heritage & Visitor Centre, Carrick-on-Shannon, was officially launched early 2008, which includes audio/visual functions in the centre adjacent to the church. The restored church, houses a well researched and exciting historical display of artefacts and interpretive material depicting the twin traditions of Leitrim from ancient Gaelic roots through Plantation times up to Leitrim’s contribution and Sacrifice in the Great War.

Before you go into the church you watch a short video about Leitrim and the history including the famine. It’s very interesting and also sad to hear of the poor people who lost their lives in the 1800’s. I found out a lot of things including that Carrick-on-Shannon (Cora Droma Ruisc means the ‘weir of marshy ridge’). The inside of the church is lovely it’s been restored and it’s a great place to look around.

The organ was built by Teleford of Dublin in 1846 and is still in use every Sunday during the church service.

After the church you make your way to the Workhouse. These little brass plaques in the pavement lead the way. It’s about a fifteen minute walk and it would be much better I think if the Workhouse and St. George’s Church would have been kept as separate attractions. I would be much more interested in the Workhouse then the church. Also the tour guide had to meet me at the Workhouse to let me in.

In the Attic room of the workhouse another short video was shown. This was produced by artist Alanna O’Kelly and was photographs with chanting, breathing and wailing sound effects. It’s meant to symbolise birth to death. It was interesting but I preferred the first video shown at the visitor centre which actually told the story of the famine. As I was watching the video I caught a shadow on my right side, of course no one else was there except the tour guide and she was to my left. I also got a huge chill and a really cold breeze. I think this would be a great place to spend a night in to see if anything was captured on camera.

As I came out of the Workhouse and walked down to the famine graveyard (which is really just a memorial) this beautiful rainbow appeared. The rest of my photos are here.

If you are going to visit St. George’s there is no official website which is a shame, also it’s only open Weds. to Saturday.

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  1. It is great to take the time to visit places like this. Gives us such an insight into our own history. Love the fact you saw a shadow. Those places must surely have ghosts. Great photography.

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