Friends, cars and films

Yesterday I got to meet some of my twitter friends. One of them was all the way from Australia 🙂 We met in The Harp Tavern who have the Jazz Lads on there every Sunday lunchtime. Now Jazz wouldn’t really be my kind of music but they were very good. It was lovely to meet everyone and have a chat. I always say without the internet I really wouldn’t have many friends. So here’s to Twitter and ‘virtual’ friends. 🙂

When I got home a load of Ford cars started going up the lane. So Jono and I went out to have a look at them. It was the Neal Egan memorial run. They were all honking their horns at us 😉 I grabbed the camera and took a few photos.

In the evening we went to see Harry Potter and the 393rd film (or whatever number it’s up to now….it’s like the Now That’s What I Call Music albums….I still remember number 1, but that’s a whole other blog!) We went to see it in 3D although to be honest I didn’t think much to the 3D effects. I do look stylish in the glasses though 😉 The worst part of film for me was the beginning because I dropped my popcorn all over the bloody floor! I was actually quite tempted to scoop it all up…..but I refrained. That’s what happens when you have a huge arse, you hit your popcorn onto the floor! I would have liked to see more about Snape and Lily….maybe they could do a ‘prequel’. I also think it’d be great if J.K Rowling did a new series of books about the character’s children. I can’t see her leaving it there so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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