Start me up

I've a banjaxed car again. I went to take Jono swimming yesterday and it wouldn't start. I thought (hoped) it might just be a dead battery but no such luck. Andy is really handy when it comes to cars and he figured out the starter motor has packed up. He was hoping it just might... Continue Reading →

Car Capers

I was listening to the Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene show today on RTE 2FM and they were asking people to text in with their stories of car holidays. They have joined forces with Citroen to find an ambassador family to drive a brand new Citroen for 2016. I didn't get to text in because... Continue Reading →

Car Breakdowns and Coffee Mornings

If this blog post title seems quite familiar it's because it is. I seem to be living in some kind of strange groundhog day either that or it's just history repeating itself. If you are a regular reader to the blog you will know my old faithful peeling green car Gilbert decided to fall apart... Continue Reading →

I have a new man in my life!

Well would you Adam and Eve it! Before you think I've lost the plot altogether and ditched poor old Andy, the new man in my life is ADAM the Opel. The wonderful people at McCormack's Car Sales have lent me this fabulous little car for a while. We've had the most amazing adventures and ADAM... Continue Reading →

Cannonball Ireland in Sligo

It's been an exciting couple of days in Sligo. The Cannonball Run Ireland paid a visit. It was great to see 150 supercars in our beautiful county, it was in aid of the Make-a-wish charity. It was a bit mad seeing Chewbacca hanging out of a Maserati!! I'm not a big fan of the smell... Continue Reading →

Photo – Day 8

Chewbacca in Sligo. Part of the Cannonball Ireland Supercar Run in aid of Make a Wish. A load more photos over on the Sligo Secrets Facebook page

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