It’s a dogs life….or is it?

I often thought it would be nice to come back as a dog. After today I’ve changed my mind.

Rocket needed his annual vaccinations so off we went to the vets. Of course I didn’t think to check the times so the Sligo vets were closed this morning. I managed to find the vet open in Grange so off we went there.

The vet was very nice but Rocket wasn’t a bit impressed when his manhood was checked (the dog not the vet), then to add insult to injury a thermometer was shoved up his backside (again the dog not the vet)! By this time I had a rather cross dog on my hands. Then the needle was produced which wasn’t very well received.

The worst part was the kennel cough nose spray. It took three of us to hold Rocket, he might be little but he’s really strong. He also had to be muzzled because his teeth were getting quite close to the vets hand. After about ten minutes the drops finally went up his nose.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day the fox came back again this evening and as I went to the bin the dog went whizzing passed me and went after the fox! So I had to go legging after the dog. I ended up stuck in a bloody field and almost fell down a ditch but Rocket came and found me (like the mini Lassie that he is!) šŸ™‚

The fox had the last laugh.

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