Rocket-dog got a present!

There was great excitement in our household when the postman arrived with a package for Rocket-dog. He was delighted and even opened it himself! It was a fabulous hamper from Pooch & Purr Pet Hampers! They are located in Sligo but will post Nationwide and have a wonderful selection of hampers for cats, dogs and... Continue Reading →


It's hard to believe that it's October today, I don't know where September went. Rocket-dog is not impressed with it being October....neither is he impressed with mornings...or Mondays come to think of it. He does like cows though 😉 They seem to like him as well.

Rocket-dog and the vet

Rocket-dog had a visit to the vets today to be neutered. We really should have had it done before now but it was one of those things we kept putting off. We had him 'done' at Inishfree Veterinary Hospital, they are lovely there. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and Darren the wonderful vet,... Continue Reading →

It’s a dogs life….or is it?

I often thought it would be nice to come back as a dog. After today I've changed my mind. Rocket needed his annual vaccinations so off we went to the vets. Of course I didn't think to check the times so the Sligo vets were closed this morning. I managed to find the vet open... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Rocket!

Happy Birthday Rocket!, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's not actually his birthday but it's a year since we got him....time flies 🙂 I have to say well done to Lucy my deputy photographer for taking this photo 🙂 I have a couple of rants. Firstly with the library. I'm a keen reader and I... Continue Reading →

A kiss from a cow

A kiss from a cow, originally uploaded by magnum_lady (busy). Rocket is making friends with the neighbours 🙂 This was taken this morning on his walk. The cows love him and come running over to see him. He also had a close encounter with a 'gay' dog who tried to get 'friendly' with him.....and met... Continue Reading →

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