Scales and Feathers at Eagles Flying

Last weekend I went back to Eagles Flying. It’s one of my favourite places to visit. There are some many wonderful birds and animals there and the people who run it are so knowledgeable about them all. The birds of prey fly right over your head during the flying display. It's amazing to see these beautiful creatures... Continue Reading →


Happy November everyone! We had the first frost today. I had to leave the car running to de-ice it. Apart from that it was lovely to walk the dog in the daylight this morning....and it wasn't raining! I hope you all had a lovely Halloween. Lucy and her friend went trick or treating and I... Continue Reading →

It’s a dogs life….or is it?

I often thought it would be nice to come back as a dog. After today I've changed my mind. Rocket needed his annual vaccinations so off we went to the vets. Of course I didn't think to check the times so the Sligo vets were closed this morning. I managed to find the vet open... Continue Reading →

The Fox

This is our regular garden visitor. I actually managed to get quite near to him last night. I also got a couple of videos.

Animals and other stories

I have a lot to tell you today. Firstly look at the visitor we had to the garden this morning. The dog spotted him first and luckily I had the camera to hand. This is the first time I've seen a fox in the garden. I hope he comes back again. It was really foggy... Continue Reading →

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