The cut backs continue

It’s heartbreaking to think that two years after we began fighting our battle to get Jono his much-needed surgery there are still children out there going through agony.

I think the health service for children in Ireland is shocking. I will never understand how people who have abused their bodies can get knee replacements, hip replacements and other surgery but children who have their whole lives ahead of them are left waiting.

As a family who have been through the situation it is extremely stressful to feel so helpless.

I honestly thought things had got better until I read about another poor lad (Jason) who was left suffering. I know there are many more like him too. The surgeons and their teams are wonderful, they are now waiving their fees to carry out surgery….but it shouldn’t have to be this way.

There is more about Jason’s story here. You can watch the video about the problems with the health service here.



4 thoughts on “The cut backs continue

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  1. Hope Jono feels good now. What a difference you can see on the photos.
    Must he have other surgeries ?
    I didn’t know that healthcare services for children aren’t well in Ireland. Hope it will improve.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Children didn’t speculate all our money, take massive bonuses and didn’t pay proper taxes and break the economy. Neither did the public services, yet we all seem to be paying for private sector excesses including children like Jono who have gone through more pain and agony than they deserve. Makes my blood boil

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