Up North

I took my mum and Jono to Enniskillen today. We usually go every few months. It was lovely and quiet today which made a nice change. This time we decided to do our main shopping in Tesco but it’s not as good as the Asda although its much quieter.

On the way there we stopped at Belcoo Park for the toilet 😉 There is a lovely park there on the shores of a lake and a children’s playground. You’ll be glad to know I refrained from going down the slide 😉

Above is the Police Station in Belcoo. It’s no longer in use, it’s a very imposing building and a stark reminder of the troubles, which I hope we don’t go back to. I remember when we first moved over here in the early 1990’s being stopped at army check points, it was very scary.

A lot of things are much cheaper in Enniskillen. Although it’s hard going from Euro to Sterling and trying to work out the exchange rate, but to give you an example: peanuts here are 67 cent, 30p up there. Cat food is 1.67 euro, 99p up there. So that’s just two items. I don’t find the meat cheaper though. My favourite store is Iceland, there are some great bargains there and the things we have tried we’ve really liked. We had lunch in Asda and it only cost £9 for the three of us with drinks.
The only downside for me are the twisty roads to get there. It’s only 37 miles but takes well over and hour to get there.

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