Down the hill

Down the hill, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

I took this photo yesterday. I was up the mountain looking for deer with the dog. We didn’t find any though.

Today there was a holistic fair on in the Sligo Park Hotel. So Jono and I went along. Jono had some healing which he found so relaxing he almost fell asleep.
I had a reading done. It was kind of hard to hear because the background music was quite loud. I was impressed with the man who did the reading. He didn’t tell me any names or anything but he told me a lot about my dad. In part of the reading he even looked and sounded like my dad which was very freaky. I found it very interesting. He told me about my photography and that I get lots of migraines and have problems with my circulation. He told me lots of other things as well. It was very interesting.

Afterwards we went swimming. You’ll be glad to know I now have a new swimming costume so my arse is no longer on show and the people of Sligo are safe 😉

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