Rescued, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well not exactly tweety pie but a bird anyway.

I had a lovely day today. I was on my way to meet my friend in Ballymote for a coffee and a chat. On the way I just missed this little bird in the road. I stopped the car, he was dazed so I picked him up and sat him in the car for a while until he perked up. Then I let him back out, I put him on a tree in a field. He chirped at me and flew away 🙂

With all the excitement of the photo yesterday I forgot to tell you I got an ipod touch. I had birthday and Christmas money so I decided to treat myself…..also HMV were giving away a 25 euro itunes voucher with the ipod touches so that sort of swung it for me. Anyway Lucy has been teaching me how to put music on it and I think it’s great. I just wish I’d had it when Jono was in hospital.

Oh talking of hospitals I don’t know if I told you that Tallaght got in touch about Jono’s before and after photo. They want to use it in their training and to show other patients.. As they say a picture paints a thousand words. Jono is delighted, he hopes it gives others

I must share this video with you. I was taking photos of my friend today and said I’m better at taking photos of donkeys rather then people! Anyway this is a close encounter myself and Jono had at the donkey sanctuary in Castlebaldwin.

5 thoughts on “TweetypieTuesday

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  1. That video was great fun, Val

    You’re much braver than I am with any large 4-legged friends.

    Tell Jono he’s famous now (well, in Tallaght anyhow) 😀

  2. Oh, this is hilarious! Loved the end with the donkey’s ears right in front of Jono’s face and the camera. You two were REALLY brave but seemed like you were having lots of fun! LOL

  3. I was laughing so much at the video that I almost forgot about the gorgeous picture of the bird, Val! 🙂

    I’ve been trying so hard today to take a close up of a flower and get the detail that you get but I just can’t. Maybe it’s the camera. (*cough*)

    I’ve tagged you over at my blog, BTW! 🙂

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