Another week nearly over

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on so I didn’t do a blog. This week seems very long. I keep thinking today is Friday.

I’ve been listening to i102 and all week they have been doing this experiment. Aparently if you talk and think about yourself nicely then you will look better and younger, then if you think horrible thoughts about yourself. So a charisma expert cut an apple in half and put one in a ‘hate’ jar and one in a ‘love’ jar. i102 have done the same and are being horrible to the ‘bad apple’ and lovely to the ‘nice apple’, aparently the bad apple rots quicker. I was tempted to try this myself….but I feel really sorry for the ‘bad apple’… I sad?? lol

Lucy finishes school tomorrow for two weeks…..yay I get to sleep in. We are going to see the X Factor next week. I got tickets for the kids as part of their Christmas pressie, we are looking forward to it.

We are also going to see a show called An Evening with Sgt. Pepper. It’s on in Sligo. Andy is a big Beatles fan and I love any kind of concert or show, it should be a good night out.

My mum got a call from the GP the other day asking her to go for a hospital appointment. What happened was mum had a scan last year and cancelled going back for the results. The hospital got onto the GP asking her to attend another appointment. Mum is now really worried that the cancer has come back. I really hope everything is OK. I’m not sure when the appointment is yet as she hasn’t got a date through.

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  1. Val, if the test results were something to worry about the hospital would have been in touch way before now i’m sure of it. Something similar happened to my Mum a little while back and she was petrified she had breast cancer, she had a terrible time waiting for her appointment but it turned out to be routine – she said she thought she was going to scare herself into her grave bless her heart. Though it would help enormously if they would just tell you its routine and nothing at all to fret over.

    As regarding the good/bad experiment, I read a proverb earlier today which went along the lines of ‘wrinkles should only develop where laughter lines appear’. So it’s laughter all the way from now on, OK? 😀

    huge hugs for you and your Ma. xxxxxxxxxx

    1. That’s what I told mum Clare…but the problem is so many things have come to light over here where scans/xrays weren’t checked until years later…so I guess that’s why she is worrying.
      I do think they would have wanted to see mum this week though if it was major.
      Good news about your mum. xxx

      Oh plenty of wrinkles here…..I am one bad apple!

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