SÓ Sligo Festival

Well it was a very busy weekend in Sligo with the SÓ Sligo Food and Cultural Festival. We really enjoyed looking around the market. There was a great buzz about the place with the Samboeire band playing and the youth circus doing acrobatics.

There were lots of activities for the kids including Krispy bun making, face painting and a Mad Hatters Tea party to name a few.

The only downside for me I heard others complaining too was that cars were driving down Rockwood Parade (it’s a no through road), but it seemed that people from out of the area didn’t realise and were then trying to turn around and go back out. There were a few near misses with all the people walking around.

It was also a shame about the Sligo Concert Band trying to play on the O’Connell Street pavement. They looked very cramped. Maybe O’Connell Street should have been closed for traffic for the afternoon.

Anyway apart from all that it was a lovely weekend and great to see so many people enjoying themselves in Sligo. Well done to all involved.

As always I took photos which are on flickr.

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