Thank Donkey it’s Friday

Thank Donkey it’s Friday, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Yes another donkey, just to make a change……a few of my flickr friends said nice ass….don’t know if they meant me or the donkey!

Firstly can I ask a favour? Please can you vote for the March photo on this site:
It’s a great photo and should be doing much better then it is…..I didn’t take it but I wish I had.

Today was grand. I took Jono swimming this afternoon…..some people aren’t a bit bashful when they get changed….I honestly didn’t know where to look!

Oh yes to those that read my blog yesterday. My mum got her appointment for next week….April Fools Day…is that a good omen or a bad one? Anyway fingers crossed that everything is OK.

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  1. Great picture! I know what you mean about the changing rooms – I know we’re all women and it doesn’t matter but sometimes when my first view in the door is someone’s backside, well a little modesty might be good!

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