Ballina Community Radio Show July 4th

If you missed my radio show you can listen back here. I'll tell you about lots of adventures in Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, Mayo and Enniskillen, and there's loads of great music. I hope you enjoy the show, thanks to Mayo North for sponsoring it.

The Spirit of radio

Well a really busy day today what with one thing or another. I heard the Rick O'Shea 2fm radio show was coming to Sligo and we are big fans and I 'tweet' them on a regular basis so we had to go in and meet them 🙂 As you can see I was starstruck (as... Continue Reading →

Schools out for Summer

Schools out for Summer, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. So school finished today for Lucy until September.....which means no more school runs 🙂 Happy days. Bring on the good times. Well today was eventful. I did some gardening and got the grass cut (pretty boring but it needed doing). I have been listening to Tony Fenton... Continue Reading →

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