Farewell my Friend

This is such a hard post to write. We said goodbye to our beloved dog Puggly on Monday. He was diagnosed with a tumour last July and had been doing OK on medication until recent weeks. The awful decision had to be made. He really had no quality of life towards the end, and it... Continue Reading →

All about that cake

It's been a strange few days. I've written several blog posts and deleted them. It would have been my mum's birthday on Saturday, the first one since she died and while we weren't close in the last few years it was still playing on my mind. It was also my birthday yesterday, I was working... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Friday

Yesterday was a real mixed bag of a day. Firstly I went to Tubbercurry for a Reiki treatment which I was delighted to win. I was so exhausted when I arrived to Tanya's clinic. You know the way you feel bone tired? I felt like my energy was completely gone. I've had Reiki a couple... Continue Reading →

Sunday reflections

It's been a complete roller-coaster of a week. Last Sunday we were celebrating our wedding anniversary and Andy's birthday. On Monday I was saying goodbye to my mother. Highs and lows of emotions. Moments of bewilderment and being lost in thought among 'normal' life - laundry and dinners. Lucy and Laurence both getting the news... Continue Reading →

Saying farewell

It was my mum's funeral today. It's been a real mix of emotions over the last couple of days. Picking up flowers, looking for clothes, wondering how the day would go and if I'd be strong. I've been overwhelmed with the support, especially on Twitter. This has always been my favourite Social Media platform and... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Mum

I said goodbye to my mum yesterday, it's hard to know what to do or what to think. There is nothing dignified about dying. I can't understand how people are left to linger. She had a long life. It wasn't always easy for her but she was a strong woman and a fighter. I hope... Continue Reading →

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