I’ve got chills….

There was a thick frost this morning. Not enough to get the frozen bubbles above - that's one I took earlier 😉 I've been as sick as a small hospital the last couple of days. Not like me at all, I've had the odd cold but yesterday I was completely wiped out and dragged myself... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. This was taken this morning at around 9am. It's still freezing, it was -12 last night! My gas bottle keeps freezing up for my cooker so I have to keep pouring warm water over it. Jono seems to be a bit brighter today and he has eaten more then... Continue Reading →

A small chance of rain

A small chance of rain, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It's nice to be back home after the couple of days in Dublin. Although I seem to have gone from one hospital to another. Andy hurt his back while I was away and has been in agony. I took him to the doctor yesterday who gave... Continue Reading →

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