Toys 4 Big Boys

Jono with an electric car
So myself and Jono got up at 6am yesterday to get the train to Dublin. Luckily they re-opened the track between Sligo and Dromod so we didn’t have to get a bus this time.

We got to the RDS just after 10am and our tickets that we won from were waiting for us.
As we walked in we had a close encounter with several Stormtroopers! Later in the day Darth Vader (David Prowse) was there signing autographs but at twenty euro a go we gave it a miss.

There was loads to see including Militery Vehicles, a ‘Dream pad’ kitted out with designer furniture, robots (including a dalek), cars, bikes, boats, disco lights and all kinds of things. What was missing were games consoles, computers and mobile phones.

Upstairs was a ‘pamper zone’ for the girls with different stalls selling anything from nail art to palm reading. There was also a fashion show. If I was organising it I would have had a wine bar for the girls, with soft lighting, girly films and chocolates so they could really relax.

The best part of the exhibition for us was the ‘Smoke ‘n’ Rubber show in the Live action arena. This featured:
•Chain gang
•Quad Bike Stunt Show featuring Niall O’Hanlon
•Trialstar Motorcycle Trials featuring Andy Perry
•Mini Motos
•Opposite Lock Live Action Display Team
I’ve done a short bit of video of the show.
The smell of burning rubber was mad. I’m so glad I don’t have to buy tyres for their cars.

Outside the main halls there was a wall of death (which we didn’t try!), a rally car simulator and a big inflatable ball which you got into and ran along a bit like a hamster. Jono had a go in this but he forgot to stand up and landed on his head! He was OK though and actually enjoyed it.

All in all it was a great day out and we really enjoyed it. I took loads of photos which I’m am going though and will put up on flickr and

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