The National Wax Museum Plus

So after the toys 4 big boys show we had a while to wait until the train back to Sligo.

As Jono and I aren’t into shopping (well not much), we decided to go to the National Wax Museum it’s been closed for quite a while undergoing refurbishment so we were expecting to see up to date wax works……we were wrong. Luckily most of them had names or I wouldn’t have known who they were.

There was Madonna (as she looked in the 80’s). Also Boy George and David Bowie (very up to date!) Also waxworks about the 1916 rising and a room devoted to Irish writers.

The chamber of horrors consisted of two small rooms. One featuring the Silence of the lambs, the other with Dracula and Frankinstein.

A childrens room had a ‘cinema’ showing the first Harry Potter film. There was also a waxwork of Santa in his log cabin.

There was a ‘wax factor’ were you could make a youtube video, but it wasn’t working when we were there. A room all about science was there too (which was OK for younger kids….but really nothing to do with waxworks).

All in all it was very outdated and I wouldn’t imagine that young children would know many of the waxworks. I have to say I thought it was quite amusing. More pics here.

Madame Tussauds it ain’t.

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