Daisy days

Daisy days, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well we’ve still been busy painting….inbetween heavy showers. Luckily they didn’t wash the paint off the wall. I’m able to get up and down the ladder like a rat up a drain pipe now so that’s a major breakthrough for me who used to be scared of heights. Although I’m not looking forward to the really high bit of the last remaining wall to be done.

I was searching on the net last week and had a look at the 1911 census site. I’ve seen it before but they have recently put the details of Galway up there.
I found my nan and Grandad, which was great. My nan lived in a tiny cottage in Connemara,with her nan, her parents and seven brothers and sisters! How did they all manage? It’s really interesting.
I found out that my nan’s parents and Grandmother couldn’t read or write.

I don’t think I told you about this visitor we had a couple of weeks ago:
pine martin
It’s not a great photo because I was on full zoom through a window, because I didn’t want to scare him. Anyway I had no idea what it was so I put the photo on flickr and have been told it’s a Pine Martin. Aparently it’s very rare to see them, so I’m delighted. I’ve been on the lookout for him again, but no luck.

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  1. Great picture and I can’t tell that you took it through a window. I must confess I have never seen a pine martin and wouldn’t have known what one looked like. I suppose it looks like a sun-tanned ferret; in any case, a handsome chap.

  2. Beautiful daisy photo – just beautiful. And I didn’t know what a pine martin was either!! Thought it was a stoat or a ferret or a weasel, but I guess they’re all from the same family! x

  3. That census site is great. It’s amazing what you can find on it. Thanks for your comments re Paul, we have had a really tough time recently (as have a lot of people)

    I hope you and yours are keeping well. I think of you often, and wonder how you are doing – even though i don’t have a lot of time to connect.

    I have been tending my dad’s grave and find it very comforting. My friend has just lost her dad and is in the worst of it and I find it hard to comfort her. Llife goes on. Anyway, nice to hear from you Val. Keep in touch….love Pam in Dublin.

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